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MaccsCore TDS (Theatrical Distribution System) is the essential tool for distributors to fully control their movie distribution processes. Providing control and visibility from release and sales planning, managing movie properties and their terms, booking and contract management through to shipping, box office collection, invoicing and cash handling.

How it works

How it works


Improve results with smarter release planning. MaccsCore TDS provides full historic oversight to aid planning of future releases, with options to fine tune each in detail and register the financial agreements. The solution allows for detailed Distribution, Terms and Scenario planning facilitating all aspects of your agreements with exhibitors ranging from a wide variety of different terms, media properties, accurate planning for exhibition at cinemas as well as what-if analysis to identify rental impact on changing box office scenarios.

Extensive holdover features for KDM prolongation enable distributors to stay closely connected to the movie performance and are enabled to actively work with exhibitors in maximizing rental revenues from play week to play week.


Added value

  • Daily flash grosses and box office returns (BOR) are automatically processed, MaccsCore TDS provides seamless integration with nearly 30 consolidators across the globe, such as Rentrak, MaccsBox Distributor, Cinedi, and others. Allows customers to remain in full control of their film distribution processes and to keep finances in order.
  • Full flexibility for distributor to dispatch appropriate content and do financial measuring against any media property involved in the exhibition of a single movie. This enables distributors to fully utilize and validate innovations on media properties and cinema properties.
  • High workflow support enabling different department to collaborate from their own expertise into the release of a title. Large number of memo and remark features enable immediate information sharing between departments like sales and finance.



  • Fully embedded content and digital key management with many 3rd party logistics providers with many options to initiate the fully automated DCP and KDM dispatching to cinemas from various steps throughout the entire distribution process.
  • Integrated Advertising and publicity management within the theatrical bookings for marketing material.
  • Support of segregation of duties including approval mechanisms as well as full audit trails to track and trace the change history.
  • The solution offers features tailored to specifics in the US domestic market as well as for international territories making the product applicable for all markets in which a distributor is present with a single solution in use.
  • High level of automation through a wide range of interface definitions ranging from master title uploads, plan imports, figure imports and exports and also many reporting options that can all be exported. In the financial domain there are standardized and automated payment and cash allocation interfaces to eliminate substantial manual effort and many more . . .

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"MaccsCore TDS is a comprehensive but at the same time truly flexible distribution product"

Suzanne Szalo

System Manager

Want to know more about MaccsCore TDS?

Want to know more about MaccsCore TDS?

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