We offer comprehensive software solutions that help our customers focus on their core business.

Our vision on movie distribution

At Maccs we put our experience and knowledge towards optimizing our client’s business processes. For Maccs, innovation is a by-product of our commitment to pursing the very best for our customers to ensure they are ready for the future and beyond.

We believe, software is more than a system, we develop dynamic comprehensive solutions to not only increase clients' cost savings but to develop and grow their businesses. We believe in partnership with clients that we can be their competitive advantage, helping clients stay one step ahead

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Our vision on movie distribution

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At Maccs we understand that film distribution is a truly global business. Regulations governing sales, taxes and royalties differ considerably in various parts of the world, therefore Maccs’ software is multilingual and able to work seamlessly across multiple regions and currencies. Maccs software is used by over 90 distributors to distribute films in over 50 territories around the world. Our clients range from smaller independent distributors through to major global distributors.