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Control and Visibility

Collecting your full royalty entitlements has never been more important. The increasing number of channels with more content across more territories means it’s never been more critical to get the operational and managerial oversight to maximize profitability.

How it works

How it works


MaccsCore R&R (Rights & Royalty) is the tool for managing film rights purchases and the sales of rights to TV channels, airlines, closed circuits, VoD parties and any other sub-licensees.

In conjunction the module is used to process Royalty figures throughout the film’s life cycle and provides full royalty statements and/or licensor reporting.


Added value

Tools for the acquisition and management of film rights, streamlining administrative process, therefore reducing both time and cost saving as well as minimizing error.

Selling the rights is just as simple – MaccsCore R&R module offers you full functionality for selling your film rights to TV companies (free or pay TV) or other (sub-) licensees such as airlines, closed circuits or VoD providers. MaccsCore R&R also provides the tools for recording and managing your own film catalogue.



MaccsCore R&R provides comprehensive functionality that you need for recording contracts, invoicing and reporting your royalties.

MaccsCore R&R offers you reports for all aspects of your enterprise. Just a few examples:

  • Availability Reports – various ‘slice & dice’ reports that give you complete (graphical) insight in your film rights and your business opportunities
  • Exploitation Report – an overview of your exploitation based on your purchase contracts
  • Financial Reports – a wide variety of reports from Invoice Overviews to Outstanding Returns and Statement of Accounts
  • Event reports in order to keep track on exploitation dates
  • Payment & licensor reports
  • Bidding Book

Want to know more about MaccsCore R&R?

Want to know more about MaccsCore R&R?

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