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Managing expenses

MaccsCore P&A (Prints & Advertising) allows distributors to manage all film related expenses from ordering to payment, and provides functionality for budget creation, planning, delivery control through to invoicing and reporting with full oversight at every stage.

How it works

How it works


As the industry continues towards full digitalization Print budgets become less important, but managing overall P&A remains just as important as ever. There are more channels for advertising across more platforms and keeping tight control and full oversight of both print and advertising budgets is critical for profitability.


MaccsCore P&A is a full accounts payable system and offers

  • Budget management
  • Planning
  • Purchasing - ordering
  • Inventory Management
  • Invoicing

You can pay MGs, royalties and other costs directly from MaccsCore P&A, this data is also exportable to your General Ledger.


Added value

Keep close control over your inventory spend, MaccsCore P&A allows you to track all expenses related to POS material to ensure direct oversight on profitability by title.



MaccsCore P&A provides full approval mechanisms with layers of management sign off as required, alongside that are complete auditing facilities for complete transparency and accountability.

MaccsCore P&A is Sarbanes-Oxley / IFRS compliant.

As with all Maccs products, a comprehensive reporting suite provides all operational and management oversight to run more efficiently and maximize opportunities.

Want to know more about MaccsCore P&A?

Want to know more about MaccsCore P&A?

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