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movie life cycle with

Focus on Distribution

MaccsCore was created for the film distribution across both the international and domestic markets to enable film distributors to better manage their entire movie life cycle from initial rights purchase through to home entertainment. The distributor can focus on their core Sales & Marketing activities, safe in the knowledge their business processes are handled by MaccsCore.



Products are provided as an integrated modular stack adding value across the entire film distribution ecosystem. Providing control and visibility from release and sales planning, managing movie properties and their terms, booking and contract management through to shipping, box office collection, invoicing and cash handling.


Added value

Each product provides tools and reports enabling distributors to turn raw data into meaningful, actionable insights to help improve their business and optimize their processes

Regulations governing sales, taxes and royalties differ considerably in various parts of the world, so MaccsCore functionality differs from region to region. MaccsCore is multilingual and can deal with multiple currencies. MaccsCore is currently available for most countries in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region but now also in the USA, Canada and Brazil; additional countries are added every year.



Underlying features and benefits across all Maccs software:

  • Multi-level security system
  • Approval mechanism
  • Auditing facilities (Sarbanes-Oxley/IFRS-compliant)
  • Centralized master file maintenance
  • Segregation of duties
  • Highly customizable product for wide territory coverage
  • Rich featured products
  • Completeness of coverage
  • High market share

The solution offers features tailored to specifics in the US domestic market as well as for international territories making the product applicable for all markets in which a distributor is present with a single solution in use.

Technical specifications core

Want to know more about MaccsCore?

Want to know more about MaccsCore?

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