Optimizing workflow between
exhibitor and distributor with

Secure, real-time, always available

MaccsBox Exhibitor is a secure electronic data exchange system that streamlines the process of collecting and reporting Box Office Returns to distributors as well as providing an extensive reporting suite for benchmarking against both competitors and the market.

How it works

How it works


Reduce manual processes – faster, more secure with improved accuracy. MaccsBox Exhibitor streamlines the process of data collection by ingesting automated feeds from Ticketing and Theatre Management Systems so exhibitors can automatically report their figures via their POS.

Independent exhibitors can use our custom built online portal. Because the data can be entered directly on the bookings as provided by the distributors, the manual interface also provides a substantial efficiency gain compared to the situation where all data needs to be delivered manually to each individual distributor.


Added value

MaccsBox Exhibitor has an extensive reporting module that allows you to have real-time insight across your data, covering:

  • Industry standard metrics
  • Competitor benchmarking (within legal framework of territory)
  • Cross-platform mobile app

The security of customer data is critically important to us therefore all parties will only ever have access to the data to which they are entitled.



Exhibitors can make use of Maccs’ 20 years’ experience and partner network in the industry; most ticketing systems have been connected to MaccsBox Exhibitor.

Spend more time planning screens, helping customers and benchmarking and less on box-office submission, invoicing and other administration tasks.

Want to know more about MaccsBox Exhibitor?

Want to know more about MaccsBox Exhibitor?

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