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Online platform to seamlessly connect distributors to third parties for optimization of their logistical workflows. KDM and DCP orders can easily be ordered with real-time oversight directly from their booking interface. Although MaccsDCHub communicates with MaccsCore it is a separate product and can be licensed/used in conjunction with MaccsCore or stand alone.

How it works

How it works

Single point of entry that fully automates DCP and KDM delivery


MaccsDCHub eliminates manual processes like processing Excel sheets, keeping track of KDM expiry dates or reproducing booking contracts at third party websites. The fully automated process significantly minimizes human error in the order process.

MaccsDCHub is used by distributors world-wide, processing orders for countries such as Germany, USA, The Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, Norway, France, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, UK, Ireland, Australia, Hong Kong, Brazil, Taiwan, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Argentina, Switzerland, Philippines, India, Japan and many more.


Added value

Distributors currently using MaccsDCHub have reported an increase in their operational efficiency of between 15 to 20%. MaccsDCHub is a fully independent platform; it directs logistical orders to any third party of the distributor’s choice without interference in the agreement with logistical suppliers. 



MaccsDCHub offers real-time status information for each order which enables you to react pro-actively to any issue with the DCP or KDM. This means issues can be tracked and solved in a timely manner ensuring no black screens at exhibitors.

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“I never want to go back to how we used to do it – it’s excellent”

Edward van der Lugt

Sales Manager Film E-one Benelux

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"Since the introduction of MaccsDCHub we realized 15 to 20% operational savings "

Volker Modenbach

Director of Sales Warner Bros Germany

MaccsDCHub can fulfill logistical workflow with these third parties:

• Deluxe Technicolor
• Motion Picture Solutions
• UniqueX / MovieTransit

• Eclair
• QubeWire
• Gofilex
• CineVizion

• CineLab
• Nedcipro
• Diagonal
• Marquise Keymaster


Want to know more about MaccsDCHub?

Want to know more about MaccsDCHub?

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