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Each day our world creates new technology: devices, apps and services. Which means news ways to do things, new ways to connect, new things to learn. While each holds the promise of helping us get more done with less effort, they also can become one more thing competing for our scarce time and attention.

That’s why we need to rethink the way we make technology, and not simply make more. We need to reinvent productive. Maccs is helping movie distributors and exhibitors achieve more by giving them the best possible tools for any moment.

Current vacancies

Project Manager / General

System Administrator/ Systeembeheerder / Development Team

Software Tester / Development Team

Customer Support Medewerker / Customer Support

Our domains

Where do you fit in?

Maccs is looking for industry professionals and university graduates who want to help transform the company and film industry, innovate using Maccs products and impact customers and partners. Maccs is looking for quality candidates within these broad domains:

Software Development

Software Development

Architecture & design, Java, PHP, HTML5, AngularJS

Developers who love to craft elegant and well organized code and consider quality and testing a crucial part of the development process. Our ideal candidate combines completed training as a software developer with an eagerness to explore new technologies. You have a keen eye for opportunities to improve existing development processes and you’re not afraid to deviate from the beaten track

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Xamarin, C#, Java, Cross-platform, interaction between applications

We build applications that help our clients to grow their by building applications that help streamline business process, improve market oversight, increase customer engagement and maximize profits! We are looking for an ambitious individual who has strong Xamarin skills, you will utilize your C#, and Xamarin experience to join our development team and hopefully take the next step up on your career ladder!

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Tableau, BI, self-service analytics, data warehousing

You’ll work with end users to create tailored solutions to help clients better understand their business and to identify opportunities. Alongside ad-hoc reporting, you’ll maintain and service a suite of existing reports and have the opportunity to further develop a suite of reports tracking key metrics and data quality.

Marketing & Strategy

Marketing & Strategy

Product strategy, promotional materials, website, social media

The successful candidate will become a key part of our Sales and Marketing team and will directly impact our overall marketing strategy and customer facing content. You will also get involved in managing and updating both our website and social media outlets.

IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

Amazon Web Services, network security, data warehousing, Oracle & MariaDB

As a member of our system administration team you will help support our technical infrastructure for both internal use and in support of our customers. The team supports a variety of systems and databases: Microsoft Windows workplaces, Microsoft Windows servers, Linux webservers running Apache and Tomcat, Linux database servers running Oracle and MariaDB. Servers are hosted in the cloud, on local premises, and on customer’s premises.

some of
our technologies:
C sharp
Maria DB

Our Culture

At Maccs, it’s our staff who make our company shine. We believe our staff are our top asset and we hire intelligent and motivated experts who prioritize developing superior software solutions for our clients. We are committed to recruiting and retaining the best and brightest people from the broadest talent pool possible, so that we can better serve our customers globally.

Open applications

Open applications

Would you like to be considered for a position that matches your profile and interests? Submit an open application!


You can submit an open application by providing your details, information about your education and skill set and which position/domain you are interested in, using as much detail as possible. 
If you are interested in doing a traineeship or graduation project, state this in your email, including your current course and the desired time period. 

Please send a brief cover letter and your CV to